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Engineering Services

We offer the below services in the telecommunication Domain:-

  • Project roll-out (Network Deployment)
  • Network Infrastructure development
  • Testing and commissioning of equipment
  • Project / Programme Management
    • Project Scope and Plan
    • Project Documentation
    • Project Resources
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Project Delivery
    • EHS Functions
  • Wireless Network

    Fixed Line Network

    Fibre Installation

    RF, LOS and TSS Survey New Voice Installation, ADSL Installation, Fault Maintenance Fibre testing
    Installation and Commissioning for BTS, BSC, MSC Installation voice and ADSL service Duct Integrity Test
    Laying and Testing for Optical fibre. Installation ADSL on existing voice service Site drawings and Wayleaves
    Operations and maintenance for RF network. Installation of voice service Trenching
    Tower foundation and tower erections. Divert port/cable Manned/Unmanned MDF Duct Installation
    Shelter foundation and installation Repair voice / ADSL service Fibre Floating
    Air-condition installation and maintenance Poles and Stay installations
    Generator Installation and maintenance Aerial Fibre hauling and Installation
    Alarm System Installation and Maintenance
    Presentation of Fibres on fibre termination equipment
    Power System Installation and Maintenance
    Updating of drawings as per site build.
    Repair of vandalised sites.
    PC skills for daily reporting
    Shelter foundation and installation

    >Drive testing

    Drive test analysis

    2G / 3G / LTE Optimization


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