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About Quality

On Time Telecommunication Pty Ltd is a provider of quality telecommunication infrastructure maintenance services to major telecommunication networks, nationally and internationally. The company is committed to continually providing a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and to comply with relevant legislation. To this effect, the company has implemented a workplace Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) Management program which outlines the policies and procedures regarding Safety, Health, Environment and Quality service delivery within its operations. The company pledges to:

  •  Effectively manage workplace Health and Safety to prevent work related injuries, and other losses to the company.
  •  Providing a healthy workplace as far as possible to minimise health related conditions such as COVID19.
  •  Ensuring that its operations do not or have minimal environmental impacts.
  •  Ensuring quality workmanship and high standards of service delivery to its clients.

The above policy requires that every employee become familiar with the SHEQ program, actively participates in, continuously complies with and enforce its procedures. While management is responsible for maintaining the SHEQ program, its success will depend on total commitment and involvement of each employee and stakeholder. The SHEQ management system shall focus on::

  • Continuously identifying and complying with statutory and regulatory Safety Health, Environment and Quality requirements.
  • To ensure implementation of effective SHEQ Management controls which cover all aspects of the company’s operations.
  • Providing and maintaining safe plant and equipment to prevent workplace accidents, occupational diseases, and environmental incidents.
  • Providing ongoing SHEQ related consultation, information, instruction, training and supervision for our employees.
  • Identifying environmental aspects, OH&S risks and hazards and non-conforming products or services, to determine the overall impact to the company during normal and abnormal operating conditions, or emergency situations.
  • Evaluating and improving SHEQ performance compared to relevant internal criteria, external standards, regulations, codes of practice and SHEQ principles and guidelines.
  • Identifying opportunities and areas for improvement and competitive advantage, including cost reduction opportunities.
  • Identifying and implementing steps, where practical, to meet the needs and expectations of interested and affected parties. 
  • To identify and implement other organizational systems that can facilitate or promote SHEQ performance.  

We will strive to ensure that our SHEQ program is suitable and effective to our processes in delivering excellent quality service to all our customers and adequately addresses their quality needs and expectations. This shall be done by conducting regular internal and external audits to continuously improve the system. The company also commits to align with and conform to recognized SHEQ systems of its Clients’ and will ensure that the requirements are implemented, maintained, and continuously improved throughout the organizations daily operations.The company is committed to compliance with national regulatory requirements and international guidelines in the prevention and spreading of any form of diseases and viruses. Our SHEQ Policy is directed to the following:

  • To continuously understand our internal and external customers’ needs and expectations by having effective procedures which will allow sharing of information.
  • To ensure that our employees are the best in the industry, well trained and suitably equipped to safely perform their work to the highest quality standards and reach their potential.
  • To remain true to our key competence, values and beliefs but continue to expand the business.
  • To continuously work according to internationally and locally recognized standards.
  • To ensure that our SHEQ Management System is suitable for our organization and adhere to the guidelines of ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

This policy shall be reviewed annually or when changes within the organisation warrant review thereof.

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On Time Telecommunications has the capabilities and expertise in offering a comprehensive range of solution to the customer.

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